Family Mission Statement

I codified the core of our family beliefs many years ago with the formulation of our family mission statement:

Our Mission:

1. To defend and protect each person’s right to create “Value” for themselves, through the pursuit of their own dreams, and to the extent that they also allow others to do the same.

2. To encourage each person to create “Value” for society, not just for themselves, to the extent that the intended recipients of that “Value” judges it to be valuable.

I will talk more about what this means later.


Responsibility to All

My family can confirm that I have tried to teach them that we *all* have responsibilities to each and every person on the planet, and we all need to seek for the well-being of everyone.  The degree and amount of that responsibility varies, like concentric rings in a circle, and each person has a place in that circle.  For example, your responsibility to your next door neighbor is greater than your responsibility to someone on the other side of the planet. For each person, their own family is at the center of the circle, and is where their greatest individual responsibility lies. My father had very clear ideas of how this shared responsibility for the human race should extend out, and be for the benefit and blessing of all.  I will talk about those ideas at some point.