Business Tips

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Business Tip: Never make a decision today that you can put off until tomorrow.

To use this tip, you MUST be careful that the act of putting off the decision does not have consequences. If it has consequences, then putting the decision off is in fact making a decision. This tip ONLY works when there are no consequences with putting the decision off.

It is amazing to me how often people do not do this. They will make a decision today that does not have to be made until, say, next week (or even next month). And then suddenly in a day or two they get new information that makes it apparent that the decision they made today was the wrong decision. If putting off the decision does not have consequences, wait as long as you can to make it.

Never make a decision today that you can put off until tomorrow.
Business Tip: Perfection is the enemy of progress.

I see people all the time that want to wait until everything is "just right" before moving forward. If you wait until all the lights turn green, you will never move.
Keep moving. Don't wait until it is perfect.

Business Tip: Think of your business like it was a battleship. If the ship is not rocking back and forth at least a little bit, then you are probably still tied to the dock and not going anywhere.

Decisions are like firing your battleship guns. You will often miss the target. Don't worry about that. Mistakes are a necessary part of the battle. Even a mistake that ends up shooting a hole in the hull of your ship is not going to be fatal unless the hole is below the waterline, and even then it must be a large enough hole to be business threatening.

Be willing to make rapid decisions when necessary, without worrying about mistakes. But delay the decision if it does not need to be decided right now.