Our VERY EMPTY Warehouse

June 14, 2020

Our VERY EMPTY warehouse...

This is definitely the lowest inventory level on kits that we have had since moving into this warehouse. I think sometime this coming week we will get a shipment of kits, but realize we are out of stock on about 200 different kits, and only 18 of them will get restocked with this shipment.

Things have not picked up to normal anywhere in the world, so even though kits are coming, they won't be coming very fast. I think it is going to take at least a year (and possibly two years) to build inventory back up.

In January, I think the United States economy at that time was about as strong as it has ever been. Unemployment was at record lows, and the economy was booming. Then in only a few short months, the current pandemic has pretty much destroyed the economy. There is no doubt that it has wreaked havoc throughout the world.