On 10/31/19, we filed an Amended Complaint (lawsuit) against multiple defendants for (1) Breach of Contract, (2) Intentional Interference With Economic Relations, (3) False Light Publicity, and (4) Defamation, plus a fifth claim for injunctive relief (five claims total).

On 1/3/20, the Defendants sued us by asserting "Counterclaims" for (1) Defamation, (2) Fraudulent Concealment, and (3) Intentional Interference With Economic Relations (three Counterclaims total).

On 3/31/21, the Court dismissed two of the Defendant's Counterclaims (where they were suing us).  

This leaves (as of 3/31/21) ALL of our claims against the Defendants intact, and only ONE of their claims against us intact.  Litigation is ongoing.